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Your Balkan Guide...

Devim Balkan DMC

We have mentioned innovations we have done in Balkans until today.....

In every direction to be different, innovative and professional, we have put our first steps behind us.

From 29th October 2011, we came to you with our office in Sarajevo, in front of you renewed, more young at the same time experienced team, as Devim Tours Destination Management Company we said hello to you from Bosnia and Herzegovina...

On first place from Turkey, Russia, Spain, America, Sweden, Katar, Dubai, England and from many other countries we in quality serve touristic groups in Balkans. Our experienced personnel in Balkans speak Turkish, English, German, Russian and Arabian as a native languages. We are motivated with an aim of 100 % satisfaction of our customers.

Our slogan is "We know Balkans the best"

Turkey DMC Istanbul Izmir

At the same time, we are trying to bring in new breath to Bosnia and Herzegovina in aspects of Incentive, Congress, Special Organizations, Meeting and Dealer Organizations. Also, we serve to you, our dear partners, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo to whole Balkans which can give service to this market with even unknown orientations.

With our ambition, belief, youth, respect towards work, experience, our ambition to be in touch with technological age we are sure that we will create this act which is seen as a difficult when looked from outside Balkans.

We are also aware that there exists a prejudice and wrong services given in Balkans seems as destination not enough used even not mentioned, for which some people even don't believe and see it as impossible we have lived and experienced. We want for you to be sure that you will have easy and clean operation on this destination, that will bring you material gains, on first place Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo and whole Balkans are seen as important place for tourism market by its place and location.

Turkey DMC Pamukkale Cappadocia

We know that you will show required support and consideration to our effort. We have started walking on our way like a college team with selfconfidence and belief in success. We are sure that you will help us pick small stones on this way. See you.