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Your Balkan Guide...


1. Day: Istanbul/Podgorica/Budva/Kotor/Dubrovnik

Departure from Istanbul at ..... o'clock with .... no flight to Podgorica and arrival to Podgorica. By bus waiting for us at airport we travel to Adriatic sea coasts one of the most famous regions in Europe. Afterwards, an arrival to Kotor a town placed next to Kotor Bay. Some of the places we will see in Kotor are: Old town, Saint Tripun, Church Nikola and Clock Tower. When visit of Kotor is over we will travel to Dubrovnik. An accommodation is in a hotel in Dubrovnik.

2. Day: Dubrovnik

In the morning after having a breakfast we start our tour of Dubrovnik city. In Italian language Dubrovnik is called Ragusa and it is one of the oldest Adriatic sea ports. Dubrovnik is highly affected by Italian style architecture, all together it is a synthesis of historical and natural beauties in one place. Firstly we will visit Old town square which is found on World heritage list of UNESCO. Some of the places we are going to see are: Walls and tower of the town, Saint Vlah Church, Knez Villa, Statue of famous poet Gundulic, historical fountain and pharmacy made in 14th century. An accommodation is in a hotel in Dubrovnik.

3. Day: Dubrovnik/Cavtat/Dubrovnik

In the morning after waking up and having a breakfast as first we will visit Cavtat. Cavtat is established in 6th century B.C. under the name Epidaurus. During 228. B.C. under the goverment of Rome the town name was changed into Epidaurum. Finally, the name Cavtat was given during Bizantian Empire reign. Cavtat, in Latin language a town name meaning is old town, is located on the coast 20 km south-east of Dubrovnik. After the tour we will make here, during our free time you will be able to enjoy caffes on the coast and take very beautiful photos. Later we move towards Dubrovnik.
Than, free time for shopping and meal and we return to the hotel. An accommodation is in a hotel in Dubrovnik.

4. Day: Dubrovnik / Mostar / Blagaj / Pocitel / Dubrovnik

After having a breakfast in the morning we start our journey towards Mostar. An arrival to Mostar. Mostar, 600 years old city is the biggest city in Herzegovina a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and during our walk presenting this town we will be able to see: A bridge constructed by Mimar Hayreddin, a student of Mimar Sinan in 1557, but destroyed in 1993 by cannonade made by Croatians. With support of Turkey governement the bridge was reconstructed in 2004 using its original material and in accordance with building technology of our period. The bridge is found on the list of world heritage UNESCO, Jewellery Bazaar, Koska Mehmed Pasa Mosque, Old turkish bath and Muslum Bey mansion which reflects typical Ottoman house of the period are also places we will see during our tour.
Than we will have free time for shopping in local Mostar bazaar. Than we travel to Pocitel, Ottoman village full of monuments made in 15th and 16th century. We leave this authentic village where even a children speak Turkish and visit Blagay Tekke a first monument constructed in 15th century with coming of Ottoman dervishes to this area. We travel back to Dubrovnik. An accommodation is in a hotel in Dubrovnik.

5. Day: Dubrovnik/Podgorica/Istanbul

After having a breakfast at the hotel we will have short tour of the city. Our next destination is city Podgorica, a capitol of Montenegro. One of the oldest settlement locations in Balkans, Podgorica took its name after 107 meters high hill called Gorica. Meaning of Podgorica is "town on mountain Gorica". After town tour we have free time and we move to Podgorica airport. After check-in and custom procedures at ........o'clock with / ........ no flight we travel back to Istanbul. We are expecting you on our other travel destinations.