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Your Balkan Guide...


1. Day Istanbul/Belgrade

Departure from Istanbul at ..... o'clock with .... no flight to Belgrade and arrival to Belgrade. Later on we start with our cultural and historical tour of Belgrade. After the breakfast we will start the tour of the city conquered by Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, whose name meaning is the white city. In this city, the capitol of former Yugoslavia and todays Serbia, following places are important to be seen: Kelemegdan, which is a monument of Ottoman Empire, mausoleum of Mora conqueror Damat Ali Pasa, fountain of Sokollu Mehmed Pasa, Statue of Belgrade triumphant, Fikirbayir, Istanbul gate, Military museum, Clock gate and its museum, Tower of Nebojsa, merging point of Sava and Dunav rivers, Bayrakli mosque, Cukursesme a place where Ottoman soldier clapped a local boy what became the reason of a rebellion against Ottoman government, Knez Mihailjova street famous with its caffes and stores, St. Sava Church and Republic square are the places for beeing seen. An accommodation is in a hotel in Belgrade.

2. Day: Belgrade/ Sarajevo

After travelling, we will arrive to Sarajevo. This city was a place of Balkan's cultural capitol for two centuries, in 1914 Serbians assassinated Austro-hungarian duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo what was the reason for beginning of World War I, also this city was devastated by attacks of Serbs and Croatians during war time in 1992, but city still did not lose its beauty. After a short panorama view of the city we will have free time. Accommodation is in a hotel in Sarajevo.

3. Day: Sarajevo

After having a breakfast in the morning we start our Sarajevo city tour. Places to be seen on this tour are: famous Bascarsi, War tunnel constructed during bloody war in our near past, historical Ottoman inn Morica han, Catholic church, Synagogue, Husrev Bey and Ferhadiye mosques which reflect religious cosmopolisation of the city, Latin bridge, a place where duke Franz Ferdinand was assasssinated, Old library, Ferhadiya street with its buildings made during Austro-hungarian 40 years government in Bosnia and grave of the first president of Bosnia and Hezegovina, Aliya Izzet Begovic. After this tour free time for shopping. An accommodation is in a hotel in Sarajevo.

4.Day Sarajevo/Pocitel/Blagaj/Mostar/Trebinje

After having a breakfast in the morning we start our journey towards Mostar. After our travel with river panorama we arrive to Pocitel, Ottoman village full of monuments made in 15th and 16th century. We leave this authentic village where even a children speak Turkish and visit Blagay Tekke a first monument constructed in 15th century with coming of Ottoman dervishes to this area. Later on is our arrival to Mostar well known with its old bridge destroyed during war period 1992-1995. Mostar, 600 years old city is the biggest city in Herzegovina a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and during our walk presenting this town we will be able to see: A bridge constructed by Mimar Hayreddin a student of Mimar Sinan in 1557, but destroyed in 1993 by cannonade made by Croatians. With support of Turkey governement the bridge was reconstructed in 2004 using its original material and in accordance with building technology of our period. The bridge is found on the list of world heritage UNESCO, Jewellery Bazaar, Koska Mehmed Pasa Mosque, Old turkish bath and Muslum Bey mansion which reflects typical Ottoman house of the period.
Than we will have free time for shopping in local Mostar bazaar. An accommodation is in a hotel in Trebinje one of a special towns of Bosnia and Hezegovina.

5. Day: Trebinje/Kotor/Budva/Bar

After our breakfast in the morning we will make short historical tour of this beautiful Bosnian town. Our next destination is Herceg Novi which is found on the coast of Montenegro and in the last period is visited by European high society. We will pass through this small town called New Herceg which was 200 years under Ottoman hegemony. Next, on ferryboat we cross Kotor Bay and arrive to town Tivat. Our next stop is Kotor. So, we arrive to Kotor which is located inside glorious Kotor Bay. Some of places we will see in Kotor are: Old town, Saint Tripun, Church Nikola and Clock Tower. When visit of Kotor is over we will travel to Budva town. In Budva we visit Old Town and Castle. Our accommodation is in a hotel in Bar, favourite tourism center of Adriatic sea.

6. Day: Bar/Tiran/Ohrid

We finish our breakfast and make exit procedure from a hotel and start our journey. Our travel is through Albania, towards town Ohrid which is on the list of Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Ohrid is located on Eastern coast of splendid Ohrid Lake. But first we arrive to Tirane a capitol city of Balkan's mountainous country Albania. This city is affected by wars during 20th century and by 40 years long dictatorial power of Enver Hoca. Tirane was built up in 1614 by Suleyman Pasa and in 1920 became capitol of Albania. During our panorama view of this beautiful city we will see: Ethem Bey mosque, historical Clock Tower, National Mouseum, Opera and Ballet Building, Parliament and Prime ministry building, Presidential villa, Statue of mother Teresa and Iskender Bey square. After our tour we arrive to Ohrid. An accommodation is in a hotel located near Ohrid Lake.

7. Day: Ohrid/Bitola/Skople

After having a breakfast in the morning we start historical tour of Ohrid one of important Ottoman Empire bases in Balkans. During our walking tour places to be seen in Ohrid are following: Historical Plane Square, Saint Bogorodica Kameusko, Aya Sofia Churches (from outside), Square and Statue of Saint Klemeus from Ohrid, Old Turkish Mansions used as a museum, archaic theatre from Roman period and Saint Pantalemon Church. Afterwards we depart towards Skople. In this tour we will visit Manastir (Bitola) a cultural and historical paradise of Macedonia, one of the oldest towns in Balkans. In our tour presenting this beautiful town in Macedonian language 'Bitola' has meaning of monastery we will have an opportunity to see these places: Askeri Idadi school from which Ataturk graduated and Ataturk museum a part of it, Haydar Kadi Mosque, Mehmet Aga Mosque, Bedesten, Old Bazaar and Clock Tower. After our Manastir tour we will have break for photographing at Castle building made by Niyazi Bey from Resne. Later on we continue our journey towards Skople. An accommodation is in a hotel in Skople.

8. Day: Skople/Istanbul

When we finish our breakfast in the morning we will make a panoramic view of Macedonian capitol city Skople.
Skople was a center of Ottoman culture during early and late period and is a place of birth of Yahya Kemal Beyatli. Locations to be visited during this tour are following: Old Train House, house and memorial of humanitarian Mother Teresa born in Skople, Stone Bridge, Castle, Old Town from Ottoman period, Bazaar, Mustafa Pasa one of most beautiful Ottoman arhitectual works in Balkans, Mosques Sultan Murad and Gazi Isa Bey, Davut Pasa Public bath, Kapan, Sulu and Kursunlu Mansions. At the end of our tour of Skople we have free time and later on movement to airport. After check-in, passport and custom controls we get to the plain. An arrival to Istanbul and this is the end of our tour.