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Kos Island Tour

We are go to from Bodrum to Kos Island at 9.00. Customs and passport transactions are then begins the tour with our guide. Ottoman mosques in the city center, we see the old Turkish Quarter. After lunch we are going to our hotel. When the weather is warm sea and the rest.
We spend free time in the evening. We wish our guests with our guide in the city center during these hours can visit. Free our supper. We return to the hotel after dinner or for the night we spend time in Kos Island

After breakfast, we're going to tour bus on the island of Kos. Asclepeion first important works of Antiquity and we visit the remains of the Temple of Apollo. Zia break in the village, giving a panoramic view of the island we're watching. We're doing shopping in small shops. You must try the cinnamon syrup in these shops. Then we're going to Pyli and Kardemena region. Our lunch we eat at the island's most popular destination Kefalos. In the afternoon transfer to the port we are completing our trip. 17.00 We're going to Bodrum ferry.
Dodekanes Island, which is the second largest island of the group is the island of Kos, Hippocrates, the founder of medicine in human history and is a city where I was born. 21 century doctor visit and still the remains of the ancient hospital here, the Hippocratic oath shall see. It has fertile soil. Just 5km from Bodrum. away. Kos Lettuce grows in the land.
Kos Island has around 290 km long beach. It has many hotels, nightlife is vibrant. Many tourists come from Europe to here.  You can live with the rich history and entertainment from Kos Island.

Interest / Activity:

 Kos Town: Kos  is a modern city with ancient ruins. The ruins of the town emerged in the earthquake of 1933. Town is adorned with palm and pine trees. 2400 years ago Hippocrates Tree of Hippocrates is believed to lecture. The other historic attractions in the island of Kos Casa Romana. There are lions, leopards, dolphins and sea creatures  mosaic motif in here.  in the archaeological museum there is a statue of Hippocrates.

 In this area, a temple was built in the name of God, a medical school, the Roman Baths and Apollo are the ruins of the Altar. There were three hospitals in the world in ancient times. There was also a hospital Asklipion in ancient times. People would come to be treated.
Plajlar: There are too many beaches on the island of Kos. It is the most popular beach of Kardamena. You can also do water sports in Kardamena and cafes and bars located on the beach. You can have a good time here.
There are Kefalos Bay, southwest of the island. Kefaloz at bay with white sand beaches are six.Their name are  Exotic Beach , Magic Beach , Sunny Beach , Banana Beach , Paradise Beach ve Camel Beach.
4 miles N of west  Kos town. There are Selver  Beach. This beach is not crowded. You can see from the beach in Bodrum.

Kos Island has a pleasant and colorful nightlife. You can be find on the Island of Kos traditional Greek nights, cabaret shows, quiet bars and discos playing techno music.  You can dine and have fun at Hammam Bar.