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Your Balkan Guide...


1. Day: Istanbul/Skople

Departure from Istanbul at ..... o'clock with .... no flight to Skople and arrival to Skople.
After we start our historic and cultural tour of Macedonian capitol city Skople.
Skople was a center of Ottoman culture during its early and late period and it is a place of birth of Yahya Kemal Beyatli. Locations to be visited during this tour are following: Old Train House, house and memorial of humanitarian Mother Teresa born in Skople, Stone Bridge, Castle, Old Town from Ottoman period, Bazaar, Mustafa Pasa one of most beautiful Ottoman arhitectual works in Balkans, Mosques Sultan Murad and Gazi Isa Bey, Davut Pasa Public bath, Kapan, Sulu and Kursunlu Mansions. After panoramic view of the city we move to hotel. The dinner and an accommodation is in a hotel in Skople.

2.Day: Skople/Kalkandelen (Tetova) / Manastır (Bitola)/ Ohrid

After the breakfast in the early morning we make exit procedures from a hotel. Later on we go by bus to Kalkandelen, very attractive town built during reign of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, this town is 1 hour far from Skople. In Kalkandelen, we will visit Harabati Baba Tekke, Bektasi center in this region and Renkli (laca) mosque. In this tour we will visit Manastir (Bitola) a cultural and historical paradise of Macedonia, one of the oldest towns in Balkans. In our tour presenting this beautiful town in Macedonian language 'Bitola' has meaning of monastery we will have an opportunity to see these places: Sirok Street, Old Bazaar (Ottoman Bedesteni), New Mosque, Ishak Celebi Mosque and Askeri Idadi school from which Ataturk graduated and Ataturk museum a part of it. At the end of our tour, we visit town Ohrid which is on the list of Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Ohrid is on the border of Albania and Macedonia, it is located on Eastern coast of splendid Ohrid Lake. The dinner and an accommodation is in a hotel in Ohrid.

3.Day: Ohrid/Struga/Ohrid

After having a breakfast in the morning we start historical tour of Ohrid one of important Ottoman Empire bases in Balkans. During our walking tour places to be seen in Ohrid are following: Historical Plane Square, Saint Bogorodica Kameusko, Aya Sofia Churches (from outside), Square and Statue of Saint Klemeus from Ohrid, Old Turkish Mansions used as a museum, archaic theatre from Roman period and Saint Pantalemon Church. After our tour we move towards West coast of Ohrid lake and arrive to Struga an other town placed on the coast of the lake. Majority population of this town are Albanian muslims. Places we will see in Struga are following: Poets Bridge made over Black Drim river, Park of Poets, Wishes tree planted by famous poet Fazil Husnu Daglarca in 1974, Bazaar and Hasan Baba Tekke. At the end of this tour we return to Ohrid and transfer to hotel.

4. Day: Ohrid/Skople/Istanbul

After we have breakfast in the morning we travel to Skople. In Skople we have free time and than we move to the airport. After check-in and custom procedures, in accordance with Macedonian regional time at ........o'clock with / ........ no flight we travel back to Istanbul. This is the end of our tour.
With hope to see you on our other destinations...