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Samos Tour

1.DAY:We are started to move from İzmirwith own vehicle. We moved to Samosa with a boat. After passport control we were placed in a four star hotel. We had free time until dinner. You can eat Greece’s  local food at dinner.

2.DAY: We had free time until pasport control. We moved to Kuşadası at 17.00. We arrived to Kuşadası Port at 18.30.

Tourist Areas of Interest
Turkey closest to the island of Samos, Greece's largest island, is one of the most beautiful and touristic island. The population was 37,000 in 2001 on the island of Samos. It is  very close to Kusadasi, transportation is very easy to. There is very Historical place in Samosa Island. The most famous are ancient city, dating tunnel, the temple of Hera, the caravels village, Karlovasi fishing town.              

                                                     TEMPLE OF HERA                        

There are three port  in Samosa, Vatny is one of them. There are very enjoyable cafe near the port and  Archaeological Museum. This  is Greece ‘s the most interesting museums. We can see Greek Sculpture  fifteen feet at this Museum.
Ship from the island of Samos and Mykonos, Syros, Paros, or of Naxos to Piraeus, Santorini and Crete, and here also you can go to.
Samos  Beaches  

Potami, Air Conditioning Beach, Psili Ammos, Possidonion, Kerveli, Lemonakia Beach, Tsamadou Beach, Kokkari Beach


Pythagorion is a charming coastal town. City’s old name was Tigani later change the name of the city was famous mathematician Pythagoras. Pythagorion has got very beatiful coastline and majestic mountains. Many boats stayed Pythagorion’s port. Pythagorion Port is the oldest port in the Mediterranean. Has a bed capacity of 5,500 hotels in Pythagorion around. More than 60 domestic taverns, bars, cafes and night clubs and Samos Pythagorion harbor is considered as the best nightlife center. Samiopoula, Tsopela, Kako Rema, Kiriakou, as Aspros Kavos beach with the Greek boat tours are scheduled daily.


You should see the other places around Pythagorion:
Pythagoras Pythagoras statue
Likourgos Castle
Church of Metamorphosis
Ephpalinos Tunnel
Church with the Church in the Cave Spiliani
The Roman Baths
Glifada Lake


There are pine trees and  olive trees in Kokkari. Kokkari is most beatiful and touristy village in this Island.You can eat dinner and had fun in the Tavern. There are very much beach near the Kokkari the most famous of them are  Tsamadu, Lemonakia and Tsambu. A portion of these beaches are for nudists.İf you like surfing, you can try to surf at this beach.There are pub and cafe near the beachs. Kokkari is the Island's most vibrant city.


9 km to the  Vathi and  the beach is 15 minutes away from the Psili Ammos. Psili Ammos maöe’s mean is fine sand.Psili Ammos had god very famous beach. Generally family chose this beach for  their  child.


Mytılını’ s Nightlife is very popular in the Island.You can visited to Museum of Paleontology( animal fossils), windmill, churches in Mytılını. August 15 is the local festival in Mytılını.


Potokaki is a lovely  fishing village. It has got blue flag from  the European Union. There are white and green soap  workshop.


Ireon has got green vegetation. Has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has got Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, supermarkets. And it is ideal holiday destination with beautiful beaches.


Karlovassi is the second largest city of Saos Island. Karlovassi  was formerly an important trade center. Rich mansions, churches are big and fancy is very important  in Karlovassi. There is Profitis Elias (Prophet Elias) monastery  near the Karlovassi.


Kerkis's Marathokambos of the mountain.There are villages and town near Marathokambos and It has Narrow cobbled streets, traditional arches, stone fountains, beautiful churches, stone-built houses. Traditional fairs are held in this city.
Eupalinos Tunnel
This ancient water tunnel is the most remarkable places in all the islands. Excavated at both ends as is known in history second tunnel. Time of the island's longest tunnel  is one of the most interesting tourist destinations.

Temple of Hera
It was built for the worship of the Goddess. Heraion, is one of the most important works of ancient Greek.It  has been destroyed by earthquakes. Currently a single column still stands on the northeast corner. Other Roman baths, temples and other ruins of the ancient settlement is possible to see the remaining.

Tuesday - Sunday: 08:30 to 15:00, Monday: closed
Ticket: Euro 3, Discount: 2 Euro
Pythagoras Cave
Pisagor is great philosopher, mathematician, astrologer, physician and musician. He was lived at this town. There are two caves and holy water at this caves.
Vathi is located 25 km northwest Monolates. Visitors climb up the creek across the road 15 meters to find the height of the trees can reach through this beautiful village. Manolates very good food in the village, you can find a good local wine and Greek coffee. Manolates local restaurant in the village, there are taverns and cafe. You can shoppind local gift shop that sold in small shops.
What to eat, what to drink in Samos? Where to eat, drink ...
I'm a very outgoing travelers in Samos, the original flavors of Kokari Rooster restaurant in the port (kokoroz) found. About every time you go to our friends "button called" particularly prefer sun-dried octopus. But while starting to eat thyme goat cheese soaked in olive oil fries we love. However, we think a nice meal of Samos stuffed squid. Vathy not able to find much success in the restaurants, but Karlovassi.While and small fish restaurants in Pithagorion according to the bladder, as well as highly ideal for healthy eating ....
Mr. Nedim Atilla is taken from a letter dated  July 26, 2007

Samos Haritası