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Your Balkan Guide...


1. Day: Istanbul/Belgrade/Novi Pazar

Departure from Istanbul at ..... o'clock with .... no flight to Belgrade and arrival to Belgrade. Later on we start with our cultural and historical tour of Belgrade. We start the tour of the city conquered by Kanuni Sultan Suleyman whose name meaning is the white city. In this city, the capitol of former Yugoslavia and todays Serbia, following places are important to be seen: Kelemegdan, which is a monument of Ottoman Empire, mausoleum of Mora conqueror Damat Ali Pasa, fountain of Sokollu Mehmed Pasa, Statue of Belgrade triumphant, Fikirbayir, Istanbul gate, Military museum, Clock gate and its museum, Tower of Nebojsa, merging point of Sava and Dunav rivers, Bayrakli mosque, Cukursesme a place where Ottoman soldier clapped a local boy what became the reason of a rebellion against Ottoman government, Knez Mihailjova street famous with its caffes and stores, St. Sava Church and Republic square . After a free time we travel to Novi Pazar. An accommodation is in a hotel in Novi Pazar.

2.Day: Novi Pazar

After the breakfast in the morning we have panoramic view of Novi Pazar. Novi Pazar is a center of a part of Sancak belonging to Serbia. Novi Pazar is established from 1459 to 1461 by Isa Bey Isakovic, the establishor of Sarajevo. Among places to be seen in Novi Pazar are Altun Alem mosque, Turkish bath made in 15th century and Emir Aga mansion. An accommodation is in a hotel in Novi Pazar.

3.Day:Novi Pazar / Berane / Rozaje / Bijelo Polje

After the breakfast in the morning we will travel to Bijelo Polje, located in Montenegro. On our way to Bijelo Polje we visit other two towns of Sancak, Berane and Rozaje. Montenegro declared its independence after referendum in 2006. When Montenegro declared independence Sancak was divided in two parts and Berane, Rozaje, Bijelo Polje stayed as a part of Montenegro. After panoramic view of Berane and Rozaje we travel to Bijelo Polje. An accommodation is in a hotel in Bijelo Polje.

4. Day: Bijelo Polje / Kolasin / Podgorica / İstanbul

After having a breakfast at the hotel we will have short tour of the city. Our next destination is city Podgorica, a capitol of Montenegro. One of the oldest settlement locations in Balkans, Podgorica took its name after 107 meters high hill called Gorica. Meaning of Podgorica is "town on mountain Gorica". After town tour we have free time and we move to Podgorica airport. After check-in and custom procedures at ........o'clock with / ........ no flight we travel back to Istanbul. We are expecting you on our other travel destinations.