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Your Balkan Guide...

Skiing Tours

1. Day: Istanbul/Sarajevo

Departure from Istanbul at ..... o'clock with .... no flight to Sarajevo and arrival to Sarajevo. Later on we start our historical and cultural tour of Sarajevo city.
Places to be seen on this tour are: famous Bascarsi, War tunnel constructed during bloody war in our near past, historical Ottoman inn Morica han, Catholic church, Synagogue, Husrev Bey and Ferhadiye mosques which reflect religious cosmopolisation of the city, Latin bridge, a place where duke Franz Ferdinand was assasssinated in 1914, Old library, Ferhadiya street with its buildings made during Austro-hungarian 40 years government in Bosnia and grave of the first president of Bosnia and Hezegovina, Aliya Izzet Begovic. After this tour movement to Bascarsi and free time for shopping. Meeting at determined hour and we go back to the hotel. An accommodation is in a hotel in Sarajevo.

2. Day: Sarajevo/Bjelasnica/Sarajevo

After having the breakfast in the morning there is possibility for you to go skiing. Our dinner and an accommodation is in a hotel. In 1978, Sarajevo was choosen to host 1984 Olympic games. At this period, in former Yugoslavia the city was a capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For Sarajevo and Yugoslavia, hosting Olympic games was invaluable chance for advertisment and becoming a star in the world. Impressive winter sport facilities were built on mountains around Sarajevo, those are Jahorina, Trebevic and Bjelasnica. The city gained ice skating open space and nowdays this facility is used during winter period by children and by professionals. At mountains around Sarajevo modern slalom and alp discipline running tracks and other facilities were established. Spectators bought around 250 thousands tickets for different events and 2,5 milliards people watched Olympic games on the television. Gross produce from Olympic games was 142 million dollars, and Organization committee gained 10 millon dollars. More than 1270 sportmen coming from 49 countries participated before 4 thousand and 500 local and foreign reporters. Olympic games made winter sports more popular in the place where earlier it was unknown.

3. Day: Sarajevo/Bjelasnica/Sarajevo (Mostar Extra)

After having breakfast, possibility for skiing. The dinner and accommodation is in a hotel. For those who wish we can arrange tour of the town Mostar.
After having a breakfast in the morning we start our journey towards Mostar. After our travel with river panorama we
arrive to Pocitel, Ottoman village full of monuments made in 15th and 16th century. We leave this authentic village where even a children speak Turkish and visit Blagay Tekke a first monument constructed in 15th century with coming of Ottoman dervishes to this area. Later on is our arrival to Mostar well known with its old bridge destroyed during war period 1992-1995. Mostar, 600 years old city is the biggest city in Herzegovina a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and during our walk presenting this town we will be able to see: A bridge constructed by Mimar Hayreddin a student of Mimar Sinan in 1557, but destroyed in 1993 by cannonade made by Croatians. With support of Turkey governement the bridge was reconstructed in 2004 using its original material and in accordance with building technology of our period. The bridge is found on the list of world heritage UNESCO, Jewellery Bazaar, Koska Mehmed Pasa Mosque, Old turkish bath and Muslum Bey mansion which reflects typical Ottoman house of the period.
Than we will have free time for shopping in local Mostar bazaar. Later on we travel back to Sarajevo. An accommodation is in a hotel in Sarajevo.

4. Day: Sarajevo/Bjelasnica/Sarajevo (Travnik Extra)

After having breakfast, possibility for skiing. The dinner and accommodation is in a hotel. For those who wish we can arrange tour of the town Travnik.
Travnik, at the same time called town of viziers. The town of big importance during reign of Ottoman empire in Bosnia and Hezegovina still reminds those old times. In Travnik we will visit Travnik Garbun castle, Ibrahim Elci Pasa Madrasah and Alaca mosque. At the end of Travnik tour we move towards greatly affected during the war 1992-1995 Ahmici village. Dinner and an accommodation is in a hotel in Sarajevo.

5. Day: Sarajevo/Istanbul

After breakfast at the hotel we will make exit procedure from a hotel. Later on we visit Bosna river spring and Rescue tunnel. Transfer to Bascarsi and we have free time until the flight. Meeting at determined hour and travel to the airport. After check-in and custom procedures at ........o'clock with / ........ no flight we travel back to Istanbul. An arrival to Istanbul is at ....... o'clock in accordance with Turkish regional time.