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Your Balkan Guide...


1.Day: İstanbul / Ljubljana

Departure from Istanbul at ..... o'clock with .... no flight to Ljubljana and arrival to Ljubljana. Later on we start our historic and cultural tour of Ljubljana. Slovenia departed from Yugoslavia and declared its independence, in short time country adopted to free market economy, from 2005 it has 14.152 € national income per person, so it is rich European country. In 2007, it changed over to Euro. Its industry grew in chemistry, wooden products, electronic and machine parts. We start our tour with Ljubljanski Town. Ljubljanski town (Ljubljana Castle) is visible from every place in the city. When standing on castle, if weather is not cloudy, you will be able to see the whole city. Many beatiful things are exhibited inside the castle. Gift shop, caffes and picture exposition are found inside the castle. Moreover, you can have a view of city beauties from watch tower in the castle. Other place to be visited in this city is park Tivoli. This park is the largest one in Slovenia. This park fascinates people with its run area, walking courses, natural lake, zoo, two castles and some other beauties. Preseren Square with statues of famous writers, Trinity bridge, Dragon bridge, Rectorate building of Ljubljana university, Parliament building, Freedom square, Robbov vodnjak statue and square and old buildings of the city are also places to be seen in Ljubljana. An accommodation is in a hotel in Ljubljana.

2.Day: Ljubljana / Bled / Ljubljana

After the breakfast in the morning we start our juorney towards Bled lake, 70 km far from Ljubljana. Slovenia owns only one island and this island has very different location. The lake located in Alp mountains, looks like it has declaredits kingdom. Bled is a symbol of this area for centuries with its fascinating beaut. The lake is visited by tourists from all over the world. It is like a fairtale place with magical beauty, surrounded with walking parks, traditional travel boats, nearby skiing and golf center, adequate for hunting and meeting centers. The best region for watching of Triglav. Later on we go to lake Bohinj. This is inside of Triglav park, on the edge of Alps, a wondeful natural lake. Visitors come here at almost every moment of the year. In winter it turns into winter sports center, while in the summer time lake Bohinj is place for fishermen, swimming and people on the boats. Return to Ljubljana. An accommodation is in a hotel in Ljubljana.

3.Day: Ljubljana/Postojna/Koper/Ljubljana

After we have the breakfast in the morning we travel to town Postojna, 60 km far from Ljubljana. Postojna is famous with its caves. Found in this place, Postojna and Skocyanske caves are under protection of UNESCO. With its lenght 21,5 km it is the longest underground cave in the world. They are still dicovering more of this cave. As Slovenians call it Colecka ribica (Men fish), is living only in this cave. Later on we will visit Predyamski castle made of stones. It has protected a location which never was conquered. In tradition, every summer sovalye games are organized in this castle. Than we visit Skocyanske cave. The charactiristic of this cave is that it is more natural than other caves. After this we travel to famous Lipica town. This place is a natural park, and horses found here you can not see in Europe. Those who want can ride horses here. Later on we move to Koper. Koper is a point where Slovenia is connected to Adriatic sea. This is a port town. After this, we visit one of Slovenian old settlement places Izola where you can eat cake and drink coffee in a famous places with panoramic view of the sea. Later on we move to Portoroz. In Portoroz we have a coast tour and move to Piran. Piran is a typic Mediteranian town. Piran is famous with narrow streets and a castle surrounding the town. Than, we return to Ljubljana for an accommodation. An accommodation is in a hotel in Ljubljana.

4.Day: Ljubljana/Istanbul

After we have breakfast in the morning we make exit procedures from hotel. We have free time until the flight. Meeting at determined hour and we move to the airport. After check-in and custom procedures, in accordance with Macedonian regional time at ........o'clock with / ........ no flight we travel back to Istanbul. In accordance with Turkish regional time at ....... o'clock arrival to Istanbul.